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Rock Band Recordings

Information for bands thinking about recording their demo, EP, or album

Q and A:  Recording a band demo in the studio – questions and answers for rock bands, metal bands, punk bands, pop rock bands (or really any band that wants to record their band demo or full album in the recording studio).


Question: What are some common mistakes the bands make in the studio?


1) Bringing shoddy instruments that are in bad shape!  It’s difficult, more costly, and sometimes damn near impossible to make bad sounding instruments sound good after the fact in the recording studio. Before you go into record your band, get your equipment fixed up, tuned up, and sounding its best.  I always tell people that your good stuff is going to sound even “gooder” and your bad stuff is going to sound even “badder” in the studio. There’s no hiding here. If your using your original drum heads from 4 years ago, your drums are going to sound a little boxy.  Or you’re going to waster studio time trying to sample in other drum sounds in the mix or other time consuming fixes.  Same thing about a buzzy amp with a busted tube or crackling input jack.  And so on…you get the idea.  Get hold of the best instruments you can and spruce em up before your recording studio date.

2) Not practicing…enough…and not practicing with a click track or metronome.  Check out our full posting on click tracks, but for right here, right now, let me just say that if you can play to a click, your band is going to sound better.  We won’t force it on you because in the recording studio is not the time to learn to use a click, but if you can, your songs will benefit.  In general practice and rehearsal makes perfect.  And practicing with a metronome is a more disciplined way to practice.  In any case, as I said, read the whole article here.

You’re going to love the stuff that you’re doing right and the stuff that you’re doing wrong is going to stand out to… Unfortunately. Often times bands aren’t used to hearing their flaws because there they mostly play live or in rehearsal halls. In the studio and on the final recording you’re going to hear the good stuff and bad stuff.

Another Big consideration is how much to record meaning how many songs. It’s a difficult trade-off because bands always have a lot of material and they’re eager to record as much as they can but I usually tell bands, especially if they’re in the phase of promoting themselves (rather then a group that’s already signed) that it’s more critical to have fewer but better sounding songs rather than having a full-length album that may not sound as good if it’s rushed through. Having said that, for some bands getting all the material down as a priority and were okay with that at the studio. We just like to put that out there ahead of time. In general, our philosophy is that it’s important to talk about the stuff ahead of time and customize the session to meet the goals of the particular band.


Question: What are the three most important things of been can do to prepare one going into the studio?

1) Practice,  2) Plan your time, money, number of songs, 3) fix up your instruments


Question: How do you pick the right studio?


Picking the right studio can be difficult. There are a lot of studio choices out there these days.  Someone in your band might have a home studio, or one of your friends may have a studio.   For some rock groups. a home studio is the right choice for the band recording simply because the amount of time that you can spend is essentially limitless – the amount of tinkering and and trial and error and time you can put into it outweighs the downside of the quality being less than going to a professional recording studio.  Consider whether this is true for your band recording.  Do you want it done relatively quickly and professionally?  Or is it OK for the recording project to drag on for a while as you tinker and coordinate time with the “free” home studio?

We see almost every variation of band recording projects you can imagine.  Some bands come to us just ot record one instrument (drums, vocals, etc) and take that home to work on the rest.  Other bands record at home or at another studio but can’t get the mix to sound the way they want, so they come to us mix and/or master. And of course plenty of bands come to us for the whole project start to finish.  Sometimes we do an EP in one day.  Get in.  Get out.  No one gets hurt (see our one-day demo special).  Other times we stretch out and spend days or weeks on album.  There is no right or wrong way.  It depends on your band project and your goals.

For rock bands, metal bands, punk bands, pop rock bands – any bands getting ready to go into a professional studio – the best advice we can offer is to talk to the engineer and visit the studio first if possible and make sure that you get a good feeling about the comfort and the quality of where you’re going to record.  Hourly or daily rates are not the only factor.  Ask how they envision the time and cost of your band recording and see if that fits your plan.
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