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In Fidelity Recordings has developed partnerships with many producers, specializing in various musical genres, from Hip Hop to Pure Pop to Rock en Espanol and anywhere in between. If you’re looking for production, we can help match you up with a producer who’s right for your musical style, personality, and budget. Call us to arrange an appointment to hear samples and to discuss different song packages.

Hip Hop

Beats & Loops
Hard-edged or bouncy, funkified or smooth…We’ve got beats for your prophecy and poetry.

Do you have beats that need looping or tightening up? Need your tracks to hit harder? Bring them in and we’ll fix them up.


Are you an R&B singer or songwriter? We can help you put together a demo or a full album. Get that smooth track to showcase your vocal talents.


Pop sometimes gets a bad name…but it might just be jealousy. After all, pop means popular, and who doesn’t want their music to be popular? Do you have a hook and a catchy look, but you don’t know where to go with it? Call us to discuss song production and arrangement. Come in and sing a few bars and we’ll get started on the rest.


If you want to give your rock and roll an edge, you may consider using our in-house programming and sequencing. This can add the flavor of a totally
different genre to your music and set it apart from the masses. Add break beats, sequences, DJ loops, samples…most anything you can think of…


If you’re into EDM and trance and trip hop and drum ‘n’ bass and house music, and you’ve got some lyrics you want to put together with some music, call us to discuss productions.

Are you a producer?

In Fidelity Recordings is always on the lookout for new producers who want to develop professional relationships with the studio. The arrangement can be as simple as dropping off a demo of your work for us to keep on file, or we can discuss ways to develop more in-depth partnerships. Please call us at (818) 786-3144 or email David at david@infidelityrecordings.com