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Choosing a Recording Studio in Los Angeles

With so many recording studios in Los Angeles, CA, how do you even go about choosing the right studio to record your project?  Do you have a band?  Are you a hip hop artist, or a singer-songwriter? Are you a studio veteran, or are you looking for a recording studio in Los Angeles for the first time?  What makes one music recording studio in L.A. different from the others?  Is a rock band studio different than a rap studio?  Why does one studio charge $25/hr. and another charges $60/hr?  Some charge by the day only, and some charge by the song.  So how do a I figure out what is the best value?

There is a lot to consider when you are picking a recording studio.  You want quality of service, quality of music, and a fair price.  We have always looked to serve artists who want a good balance of these requirements.  Recording, mixing, and mastering music is our business, and we treat our artists’ music and their time with respect and care.

There are loosely three different categories of music recording studios out there.  Knowing what you want and need can help you decide which kind is right for your project.

Our engineers know their stuff.  They are trained to work fast and to listen to what the artists wants.  We use industry standard, top quality equipment. including ProTools HD, top quality microphones and analog preamps, and classic outboard equipment.  We are not a home studio with loose appointment times and some cobbled together Guitar Center gear. And, on the flip side, we also are not a huge, $1500 a day recording studio, decked out like a fancy Vegas hotel.  We provide much of the same equipment and expertise without quite so many frills and choices.

Please call or email the studio with any questions.  We provide free consultations.  And we will honestly help you decide if our studio is a good fit for you. We don’t pressure anybody…we want all our clients to be fully satisfied and have a long-lasting relationship with the studio.


In Fidelity Recordings is a recording studio in Los Angeles and serving the San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and Riverside areas of Southern California and beyond. Experienced in all styles of popular music, including rock, hip hop, dance, pop, r&b, electronic, jazz, folk, country, rap, metal, and more.