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A Recording Studio in Van Nuys

We built our recording studio in Van Nuys, CA.  So what is a “Van Nuys?”  You make your home in a place for years (in our case, since 2002) and one day you wake up and realize you don’t even know the origins of your city’s name.  We know where our recording studio came from…but where did Van Nuys come from?

The city is named for Los Angeles real estate developer Isaac Newton Van Nuys.  According to our friends at Wikipedia, in the early 1900’s, Mr. Van Nuys owned a huge swath of land (15 miles long by 6 miles wide!) in the southern end of the San Fernando Valley.  He was bought out in 1909 by a group of land speculators.  As some sort of the condition of the sale, it was allegedly promised that Van Nuys would be honorary godfather (whatever that means!) of the about to be formed town, and that the new town would bear his name.  And so the City of Van Nuys was founded in 1911.  Isaac Newton Van Nuys died the following year.

Van Nuys High School

Van Nuys High School


Van Nuys is home to the San Fernando Valley’s city offices and courts, Van Nuys Municipal Airport.  Brandon Boyd of Incubus was born in Van Nuys, CA, and so was Cindy Williams (Shirley of “Laverne and Shirley).  Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Robert Redford, Natalie Wood, and Don Drysdale all graduated from Van Nuys High School.


Van Nuys High School 2008 by Cbl62 licensed under C.C 3.0/GNU


And of course, our humble recording studio anchors the modern city of Van Nuys.  See you there soon.


“Map Of Van Nuys, Los Angeles California” from Los Angeles Times under C.C. 2.0 generic



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