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Recording Studio News – June 5, 2015

This week at the studio we got deeper into several ongoing musical projects.

We wrapped up this visit with composer Sidney James by adding some last vocal touches with Phillip Ingram, Norman Large, and Christina Saffran

Citizen Mofo put the (almost) finishing touches on his upcoming release (now trimmed back to 15 songs!)

…And from there it was all hip hop!  We had a marathon mixing session with Los Angeles hip hop artist Turdle on the Beat, represented by Leverett Management to finish up all but one track and the final radio edits for his forthcoming iTunes release.  Shy Boy and L.B. from R.S.L. (instagram @provokersl) came in and put verses 2 and 3 on their new track, “More Than One Hustle.”

We continued “long distance” mixes for Laramie’s Donny Radwell (“Proved you Wrong”) and the Inland Empire’s Ghettoplex (“Bounce”).  And Trinity (L.A. by way of NYC) came in to work on the mix of “One Year of Love.”